Friday, August 21, 2009

Dropping the Ball!

I have really dropped the ball on keeping up with this blogging thing.

Quick update; Kaden is home and has been since the middle of march... Doing great and though we did have a scare the first week in when we had to re-admit to the hospital cause he coded on us. He went onto a monitor and higher amounts of caffine. Today he is doing wonderful and now off the monitor and working his way off the caffine.

I don't get much time to self these days with Kadens' mom back in school. Then work on top of that.... I miss Pat so much and hopefully will get there for a visit soon.

I did get a chance to join in on a girls slumber party that my sisters had with cousins and our own girls.

This is the group together without our girls. I am planning on doing a digital cd and this will be the cover. For this get together I am using a black and white theme with red splash of color. Each one of our get together will have a different color theme, within one cd. I did not put the details on the note page as I don't know how everyone would feel about their names on the internet.

Have a wonderful day.....

Pat.... my prayers are with you and I do hope to get there soon to visit~

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hi All~
Kaden is not home yet. After the test that was done on Thursday to see if he would need to come home on monitors the doctors decided to keep him another week. The monitors were showing that Kaden was still loosing his breath to much. Though to us he seems to be doing great the doctors make the calls.
So now it is a week by week thing until the doctors are satisfied with all results. Everything else is good and Kaden is now eating 3ozs at every feeding and gaining weight.

Just alittle bummed out tonight.

Going to go read now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I thought everyone would enjoy a video~

Kaden is going to soon be home!!!

While Granny Pat was enjoying the time with Kaden and Victoria, her husband Al, and her brother were at my house busy with a new bathtub install!!! All this fun and I had to be at work.

On our way~

Kaden is doing much better as of yesterday~ He is now eating a bottle every feeding and with no IVs or feeding tube. Depending on how he does within the next couple days he may be coming home.
Kaden is weighing in at 5lbs. 7.9ozs. Once he is able to eat for every feeding on his own for 48 hours or so then we do the carseat test. Which means that we bring the seat to the hospistal, which will be brought in today, and he has to be able to sit in the seat for an hour at a time, (length of the ride home). Once he is able to do that we will be bringing him home. We are getting close!!!
Once Kaden is home, we were told that for his best we should not take him out except for doctors appts. for two months, and also limit the flow of traffic coming to see him. So we have set a rule in place for when he is home, that we are praying all understand. There will be still no children coming to see Kaden and as for adults only those that have been seeing him in the hospital. We know this may be an upset for some, but Hope and Pray that all understand that we are not doing this to be mean or selfish, we are doing what is best for Kaden and trying to not have a re-admit to the hospital.
We don't know at this point if he will come home on monitors. We are just so blessed to finally be at this point.
Thank you all for praying and please continue~ God hears all~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kayla Elyse~

I am always talking these days about Kaden and his mom~ Though I have another daughter that I am equally as proud of.
Kayla is 18 years old and a full time student in her freshman year, studying marketing. She is not only a full time student but carries a job that is almost at full time hours.
The picture above is her very first little house, that we moved her into yesterday. In August of 08 Kayla moved from home to the college appartments sharing with three other girls. She then moved out into a trailer that she shared with her cousin. Always wanting to spread her wings and be independant, she found this cute little one bedroom in her price and went for it!
As I watch Kayla set goals, dream, and conquer; I sometimes forget to show her just how proud I am of her. I do not know of many 18 year olds around this area that are as determind as Kayla.

GO KAYLA!!!! Spread you wings baby and soar!!! I am so very proud of you!

Due Date~ 03-13-09

Todays is the due date that Victoria was given when we found out we were going to have a little one. Tomorrow Kaden will be three months old. Kaden is doing better today. He is still on the IV which the nurse did not know when they were planning on taking that out.
He is now getting 32mls every feeding and taking a bottle every feeding, so far so good with that one too. The nurse informed me that the doctors canceled all labs for today, being that they do not want to draw blood unless they have to. I forgot to ask his weight when I called but I am sure he is 5lbs 8ozs now or close to that. If you can picture a normal full term 3 month old and Kaden being three months and just getting to birth weight you will know how tiny he is.
We do not get to see Kaden every day cause he is in a hospital that is an hour drive, and with the way I work and his mommy being in school it is just not so easy to get there. We miss him every minute we are not with him. I also can't post new pictures with every post, but I will as soon as we get them.
Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for not only Kaden but for all infants that need the healing hands of God~

God bless you~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally a look for the camera, LOL though I think he was trying to let me know with this look that I was interupting his time with his mommy. Kaden is at 5lbs 6ozs.
Kaden, although very tired from the transfusion, knows when his mommy is there. When she walks up to his bed and talks to him he wakes up and searches for her. He loves to watch her while she feeds him. On this day he stayed awake while eating and then slept happily in mommy arms four about 1hr 45mins til we had to leave.

Kaden is starting to perk up after the transfusion on the 8th. Though this is the third on that he has had this one seemed to be a bit harder for him. On the 8th we were told that x-rays showed a spot in his intestines and they had scheduled another round of x-rays to follow up and see what it may be. On the 10th we asked about the findings and the nurse told us she knew nothing of it and that it was not in his charts. Today, she cornered Kadens doctor for me and found out that the second set of x-ray showed that all was clear.

The IV should be coming out in a few days. Kaden as you see is off of all oxygens. He is still on a feeding tube, although it is not used for every feeding. With him having a bit of a hard time with this transfusion they have dropped his feedings from 46mls to 10mls every three hours, which is not very much, but the IV is loaded with sugar water and the nurse said that keeps him from being hungry.
Please keep our little on in your prayers....